The idea of creating unique Wings Lashes was born out of passion for makeup. The author of the product is Katarzyna Iwanicki – makeup artist with years of experience in the beauty industry.

The original project of individual false lashes is created with precision. Clusters of lashes are handmade, formed with the use of a special and unique technique, which lets you get the lightness of wings on your eyes.

What makes Wings Lashes so special?

One cluster consists of lashes in length of 10mm and 11mm and two different thicknesses in curl C.
Black pigment added during the process of production makes them look perfect in combination with every makeup and lightning.

A Korean precision let us create this combination with the use of the highest quality materials.
This is what makes Wings Lashes resistant to breaking and deforming.

„Lashes play a key role in my makeup. They bring out the whole makeup, optically enlarges the eyes and, above all, they create the desired eye shape. An important thing in my job is precision, but I equally value the pace of work and this is exactly what I achieve using Wings Lashes in my makeup.”


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