Wings Makeup – Wedding



This is a very significant element in planning the wedding, and needs to take place before the wedding. During the trial makeup, we will together decide what colors and products are appropriate for each bride’s individual preferences. With this makeup, the quality is important as well as the durability of the products. The makeup should hold and look fresh through the night, that’s why it’s critical to do the trial makeup in the morning and for it to be used all day. At Wings of Beauty, we do NOT offer bridal makeup if a trial did not take place. 



Bridesmaids’ makeup is just as important as the bride’s. In a bridesmaid’s makeup, it’s important to focus on the quality of the makeup as well as its durability, that it will last all day and night. Also, it must photograph beautifully, that’s why we add on elements in the makeup that will photograph well.



Bridal makeup is a special occasion makeup, connecting some aspects of everyday makeup with evening makeup and photographic makeup. It should subtly accentuate the natural beauty of the bride, filling in any imperfections she may dislike. With this, it will be durable all day and night. Every woman on her wedding day wants to look stunning. The basic rule which we follow is that with well executed makeup, the bride will feel comfortable and won’t feel that she is wearing it. We definitely do not allow for any client to leave unhappy or unsatisfied, or to feel like she’s wearing a mask. Bridal makeup at Wings of Beauty must follow a trial makeup, to allow the reassurance that both parties are satisfied. 



At Wings of Beauty, we offer our clients a bridal package. This is simply a bridal makeup package for the entire bridal party, in a deal where we include the trial makeup for the bride, bridesmaids makeup, as well as the final wedding day bride’s makeup. This bridal package can take place at the client’s location, at that point the minimum amount of people is 4 (bride plus 3 bridesmaids).