Wings Individual Lash Clusters

The idea of creating mixed individual lashes was born out of passion for makeup. The author of the product is Katarzyna Iwanicki – makeup artist with years of experience in the beauty industry.

Our lashes are made with the precision and diligence. They are created with a use of the highest quality Korean materials which are safe for skin and eyes.

Clusters are designed to add length and fullness to the natural eyelashes and bring out the look of eyes. The ease of application makes every makeup enhanced in a short time. Lashes are safe for skin and eyes.

Deep black color of lashes is obtained by adding a great amount of pigment which makes them look perfectly black even in very strong lightning.

Each box contains 3 sizes of clusters, which makes it easier to adjust them to your natural eyelashes.
We did our best at every step of production to fulfill the expectations of our customers.

We paid special attention to make sure that our lashes are lightweight, super soft and smooth.

Mixed individual false lashes are designed for makeup artists who can use them professionally but also for those, who are less experienced and want to create their own custom looks.
Clusters are effortless to apply and their lightness make them impalpable after the application.