Wings Brow Botox


A process which nourishes our eyebrows. The O2Farm concentrate is a composition of natural ingredients preventing hair loss as well as accelerating hair growth. It stimulates, moisturizes and also revives our hair. This process restores the structure of our hair capillaries and is also a powerful antioxidant. This procedure is perfect for clients who have gone through long-term stylization and/or coloring, and their eyebrows are becoming dry. It will ideally accommodate those who have also returned from warmer regions. In addition, it will be a life saver for those who have experienced an unsuccessful eyebrow „haircut”. Botox is an ideal addition to brow lamination, for extra moisture, and it can also be used as a package deal with coloring and brow architecture. 




We can see amazing results after using this product just one time (immediate effect). It gives our hairs a special flexibility, restores their natural state, strength, and susceptibility for styling after only a few short months of consistent usage. It drastically increases the thickness and speed at which the hair grows back. Wings Brow Botox O2Gold is especially suitable for weak, dry, colored and chemically affected hairs. In addition, this process supports the reconstruction of weakened , sick or dormant hair follicles. An extra advantage is that it also works effectively on dry, oily, or problematic skin under the eyebrows.