Wings Brow Architecture & Tint


It is one of the most significant elements when it comes to the external appearance of our eyebrows. Every face is different and unique, therefore requires professional drawing and matching the proper shape of the eyebrows, to be sure that it will accentuate all of our beautiful features. At our salon, brow architecture is available as a package with coloring. This procedure may also be paired with Wings Brow lamination and the nourishing Wings Brow Botox. 




This is a procedure in which the main goal is evenly coloring the eyebrows, to accentuate their striking appearance. This product is clearly visible on our eyebrows for up to 4 weeks, and pigment applied to skin even up to 10 days. The products that our salon uses have natural ingredients, therefore they don’t dry out the hairs. The color ideally works after brow lamination, as an additional darkening of the hairs. At our salon, eyebrow color is available in a package with brow architecture. It can also be an add on to Wings Brow Lamination or nourishing Wings Brow Botox. 




This is a product in which the formula depends on natural ingredients, it takes care of damaged and weakened hairs, and also restores hair growth. This product allows us to reach a “tattoo effect”, which holds on skin from 5 to 14 days, and on the hair up to 6 weeks. At Wings of Beauty, Brow Henna is available as a spa package with enzymatic peeling as well as a relaxing massage around the brow area. In addition, Wings Brow Henna is the only product on the market currently that is adapted to work effectively on hair that has been transplanted!